Complex numbers in polar form

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Homework Statement

Evaluate the square 0f 5e^(3(pi)i)/4 without using Cartesian form, and also the three different products.

Homework Equations

e^i(theta) = cos(theta) + isin(theta)?

The Attempt at a Solution

I have absolutely no idea here, nothing in my notes even begins to suggest how I can answer this.

Answers and Replies

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All you really need to know is the equation you listed. The square of e^x is (e^x)^2=e^(2x), use this information to solve your problem.
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yes but what do they mean by the 3 products?
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With not using the three products I would guess they mean to not use:

(\cos x+i\sin x)^2=\cos^2x-\sin^2 x+2i\cos x \sin x
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it says to evaluate the three products of the complex number
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Then just remove the 'nots' in my previous post.

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