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Homework Help: Complex numbers problem -HELP

  1. Aug 15, 2006 #1
    complex numbers problem -HELP!!!

    i have thinking about this problem for atleast 2 hours but still it hasnt struck me :
    Show that the locus of z, which satisfy arg(z-1/z-2)=pi/4 is the major arc of a circle.Also find centre and radius of corresponding circle.
    (this problem is from FIITJEE (an institute which trains you for the IIT-JEE)
    study package for complex numbers )
    Thanks in advance to everyone who can help.
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    I cant even find a way to approach this porblem.nay help would be gladly appreciated.
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    Hey guys, at least give me a clue please.I have to submit the assignment problems in which this is included tommorow.:cry:
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    Look at the definition or Arg. express your relationship in terms of x and y,
    x= real z; y=img z.
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