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Complex Numbers

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    2 Questions:

    (1.)Carry out the indicated calculation:



    since [tex]i^2=-1[/tex]


    I carry out the math and get an answer of:


    I must be doing something wrong with the conjugate, as far as i can tell it looks right, but for some reason my signs should be switched to give me the correct answer of:


    (2.)determine the set of all z satisfying the given equation or inequality:

    [tex]|z-2i|<=|z+1+i| & |z|> 4[/tex]

    I solved this one down to:
    [tex]x^2+y^2-4y+4<=x^2+y^2+2x+2y+2[/tex] & [tex]x^2+y^2>4[/tex]

    what do I do to simplify it?

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    Well, you just have to find the intersection of [tex]y \geq -\frac{1}{3}x+\frac{1}{3}[/tex] (implied by the first inequality) and [tex]x^2+y^2 > 4[/tex], i.e. [tex]S=\left\{(x,y) \in \textbf{R}^2: y \geq -\frac{1}{3}x+\frac{1}{3} \wedge x^2+y^2 > 4 \right\}[/tex]. Draw a sketch of S.
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