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Complex Numbers

  1. Jul 25, 2010 #1
    What is the best way of introducing complex numbers to engineers who are weak at mathematics?
    They normally want something tangible or relevant examples.
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    Roots of unity provide a nice geometrical use of complex numbers that is easy to follow.
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    Not a great way perhaps to introduce them, but one use I can think of off the bat is plotting sin and cos functions as rotating vectors on the imaginary and real axes. This is important in AC circuits (via phasor diagrams). It's revelvant in the introductory calc-based physics sequence for most engineering programs.
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    You can show them the use of complex number in electric circuits. When we talk about impedence due to inductors and capacitors complex numbers are indispensible. They are also used in studying responces of LRC circuits.
    You may have to look up more things to appeal to non- EE majors as myself.

    An example is in the study of transfer functions; which I believe every engineering student encounters.
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