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Complex Proof

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    If f(x)>0 for all xElement-ofsymbol [a,b], then
    Integral sign f>0

    a) Give an example where f(x)>0 for all xElement-ofsymbol [a,b], and f(x)>0 for some xElement-ofsymbol [a,b], and

    Integral sign f=0

    b) Suppose that f(x)>0 for all xElement-of symbol[a,b] and f is continous on at x0 in [a,b] and f(x0)>0. Prove that

    Integral sign f>0
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    "elements of" is written in words as "in" (ex: for all x in A,...)

    As worded, these questions are both equivalent to

    "Show that if f f(x)>0 for all xElement-ofsymbol [a,b], then

    But this is precisely the statement of the result you cited in the begining, so the questions are not challenging at all and contain unnecessary words.
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