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Complex Scaling/Rotation

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    Could anyone tell me what complex scaling is?

    Do the eigenfunctions of the complex scaled Hamiltonian form a complete basis set? Some articles say the theoretical basis of the complex scaling method has been understood well by the ABC (Aguilar-Balslev-Combes) theorm. But the ABC article of these three guys is in Commun. Math. Phys. of 1971 year (I could not get access to springerlink.com).

    I am aware of that this kind of technical problems should not be brought out here. But I just could not understand this method well. Could anyone give me a simple mathematical argument why the complex scaled basis set is complete? (Or give me some internet link that prove its mathematical basis.) The help will be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi there - try the tutors at Brainmass.com. Very reasonable and have helped me out a lot. Lots of practise material in their library too.

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