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Complex space game called Ferion

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    I have created a game called Ferion, It is a complex space game.

    The game is about starting an empire in space. You start out in one planet, and then you grow, develop, build etc. there is a lot of strategy involved.

    One of the key elements in the game are the technologies, they help you advance in the game. (is like in the game Civilisation).

    Some of the technologies are very obvious (like a Factory), but some are beyond my ability to describe. Like for example, an Ion-Cannon. Its a weapon mounted on a ship. But what is an Ion-Cannon exactly?

    Can anyone help us describe these technologies?

    - Ion Cannon (a weapon)
    - Blackhole Engines (a ship-engine)
    - Terraformer (a machine on the ground)
    - Oribtal Terraformer (a machine in space)

    Thank you and regards

    Johan Geuze

    Ferion Developer/Webmaster
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    Welcome to the forums, JC!

    I am not a gamer myself, but I have a friend who works with a group that develop new games, and they sometimes come to me for exactly the sort of conceptualizing required here. With your permission, I would like to address the concept of a "Terraformer" machine.

    I can envision two basic concepts. The first would resemble a large factory although for the sake of the game you could make it a pyramid, or whatever looks cool. It would function rather like a thermonuclear reactor in which a highly controlled form of fusion takes place. The building would consume massive quantities of whatever local substances are present (the rocks, liquids, and gases from the atmosphere) and break these down to the atomic level. These atoms would then be fused back together into materials necessary for life.

    Now, any planet you wish to terraformer is going to need certain substances. Most notably, oxygen and liquid water. However, the materials available on each individual planet will vary greatly, and these materials will determine how the reaction must take place in order to produce the desired results. For this reason, your Terraformer will need to be a highly adaptable device. So there would probably be a basic engine, consisting of the internal reactor and the structure in which it is housed, and then the various accessories that each customer must purchase in order to customize the device to their individual terraforming needs.

    The other type of device would be much faster and more convenient, but is harder to imagine functioning properly. This device would be more like a highly controlled fusion bomb. Remember that when the United States military performed their first test of a nuclear device, there was some speculation that the chain reaction might continue to spread for as long as there was material for the neutrons to make impact whith. This would be a chain reaction that would consume the entire planet. If such a reaction could actually be achieved, and controlled to produce the effects mentioned regarding the previous device, a single shot could terraforme an entire planet in a matter of a few days or weeks, a la the "Genesis Device" of Star Trek fame.
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    Thank you Lurch :),

    So I could say:

    A Terraformer

    A thermonuclear reactor in which a highly controlled fusion takes place. The building consumes massive quantities of whatever local substances are present (the rocks, liquids, and gases from the atmosphere) and break these down to the atomic level. These atoms are fused back together into materials necessary for life.

    An Orbital Terraformer

    An Orbital Terraformer is a highly controlled fusion bomb. On impact it will cause a chain reaction that will consume the entire planet in a matter of days. After the chain reaction the planet will have all materials necessary for life.

    Do you also have any ideas's on the following technologies?

    | Nuclear http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=40000 [Broken]
    | Fusion http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=40001 [Broken]
    | Anti-Matter http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=40002 [Broken]
    | Time http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=40003 [Broken]
    | Blackhole http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=40004 [Broken]
    | Interdimensional http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=40005 [Broken]
    | Subterranean http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=40101 [Broken]
    | Submarine http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=40102 [Broken]
    | Orbital http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=40103 [Broken]
    | Lunar http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=40104 [Broken]
    | Laser http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=40201 [Broken]
    | Phaser http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=40202 [Broken]
    | Ion Canon http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=11 [Broken]
    | Anti-Matter Warheads http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=1 [Broken]
    | Temporal Warheads http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=9 [Broken]
    | Quantum Singularity Warheadshttp://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=8 [Broken]
    | Interdimensional Warheads http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=10 [Broken]
    | Rocket Engine http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=20 [Broken]
    | Nuclear Engine http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=21 [Broken]
    | Fusion Engine http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=22 [Broken]
    | Warp Engine http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=23 [Broken]
    | Time Engine http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=24 [Broken]
    | Black-Hole Engine http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=25 [Broken]
    | Interdimensional Engine http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=26 [Broken]
    | Shields http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=27 [Broken]
    | Advanced Shields http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=28 [Broken]
    | Rapid Modulation Shields http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=29 [Broken]
    | Phased Shields http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=30 [Broken]
    | Temporal Shields http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=31 [Broken]
    | Quantum Shields http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=32 [Broken]
    | Interdimensional Shields http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=33 [Broken]
    | Planet Rocket Defences http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=60000 [Broken]
    | Planet Laser Defences http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=60001 [Broken]
    | Planet Phaser Defences http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=60002 [Broken]
    | Planet Warp Defences http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=60007 [Broken]
    | Planet Torpedo Defences http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=60003 [Broken]
    | Planet Ion Defences http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=60006 [Broken]
    | Planet Solar Defences http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=60004 [Broken]
    | Fusion Scanner http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=10101 [Broken]
    | Warp Scanner http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=10102 [Broken]
    | Temporal Scanner http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=10103 [Broken]
    | Quantum Scanner http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=10104 [Broken]
    | Interdimensional Scanner http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=10105 [Broken]
    | Cloning Centre http://game6.ferion.com/tech.ferion?uid=previewarena&tech=50000 [Broken]


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