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Complexes question!

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    Okay, simple and probably stupid question: why is permanganate not a coordination compound?after all it's a metal and oxygens which can act as ligands right?

    thank you!!
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    What makes you think it isn't?
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    It's not simple nor stupid at all. Coordination compounds are defined rather through their fomation than their actual bonding properties. Usually coordinate covalent bonding is understood as a transfer of lone electron pair of a donor ligand (can be ion or neutral molecule) to a bond with central (acceptor) atom. Permanganate is not considered a coordination compound, since no chemist would think of it as a product of Mn7+ cation and 4 O2- anions.
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    ooooh okay, I see. So what would it be then?
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    Just ordinary inorganic anion, no need for a special name.
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