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Complicating easy things

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    Well,as long I remember,I've always complicated simple matters.Not only physics and math,but life too.Like thinking of hundreds of possible meanings behind someone's words while they meant,what they just said.Anyway,what i'm really concerned about at the moment,is that I'm complicating easy physics/math problems (teachers at school always said that's a bad habit of mine).While at most difficult problems I can find a relatively quick and creative answer,I may take much more time or even not be able to solve the easy ones.I have always tried to find a solution to this bad "habit" like thinking simple,but really,I always end up thinking complicated.If anyone has any suggestion please do tell me.
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    If you could maybe be more specific, we could help you better. Give us some examples.
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    I have this problem as well. But I'd rather take a B in a class because I'm too slow on quizzes and truly understand the ins and outs of the subject than get an A and only know the basic concepts.

    I can't take anything at face value.
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    Same here. I sincerely feel your pain of thinking too much about the hidden meanings of someone's words...and how other think about him etc...

    I do score well in almost all examinations, my gpa is around 4 actually. But whenever I finish an examination, I will start to worry about my grades and some minor calculation mistakes and so on, and feeling that I am going to FAIL the course because seemingly everyone could do well in such an easy test. But, always, it turns out that I still score an A. I don't know...

    I always complicate simple concepts and problems as well. I take much more time than my fellows to comprehend a newly introduced concept....One thing unlike you, I cannot find a relatively quick and creative answer to most difficult questions. I may get some logical but lengthy answers perhaps and this must take me plenty of time..
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    he he...... i'm not alone then.....

    i dunno why, but i always leave mistakes with the easy problems. but when i tackle the hard ones, i usually find my way out. maybe it's all got to do with concentration?? or maybe the hard problems are more interesting??

    and confidence in myself is one of my worse problems.
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    In the recent past, i became aware of something called ADD, or ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder) the H is (Hyper). Everyone seems to have a little affliction by this condition, but in extreme cases, a persons ability to control their focus of mind becomes too much. I found that my mind tends to wonder when reading, and a single word will trigger thoughts of other things, while my eyes follow the lines. Having turned pages before realizing what i was doing, i would have to go back and reread, and try not to do the same thing again.

    Seeing someone, (professional in this area), might provide the help needed to combat this problem.
    Just a thought based on events in my own life -:)

    Don't overlook a possible solution, if you are having problems with study.
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