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Homework Help: Componendo and Dividendo

  1. Oct 13, 2011 #1
    Please solve this equation :

    x3+3x/3x2+1 = 341/91

    I applied Componendo and Dividendo, then k-method but could not solve this question. Please help me.
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    Do you mean: (x3+3x)/(3x2+1) = 341/91 ?

    Parentheses are important.
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    Did you try applying the rules of algebra?
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    no, i must use either componendo and dividendo or k-method. No algebra at all.
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    I doubt that many of us here even know what "componendo and dividendo" mean or what "k-method" means.

    The first two are apparently Spanish or maybe Portuguese for combining and dividing.
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    physics kiddy,
    Are you trying to solve for x, or are you substituting a value for x in order to evaluate the rational expression?
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    Hiii physics kiddy !

    Try applying componendo and dividendo once more. I will guide you. :wink:

    k-method cannot work here because there are no proportional relation given.
    If there are relations like a,b,c and d are in continued proportion , then k-method can be applied.

    You can even try cross-multiplying.
  10. Oct 13, 2011 #9
    Please solve this question. I am tired of using componendo and dividendo but all my efforts go useless. I can't go any further. It would be very kind of you if you solve the question. Thanks again for the help.
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    You need to show an attempt at the problem. Show us what you've tried.
  12. Oct 13, 2011 #11


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    We don't dislike you enough to want to prevent you from learning! I am closing this thread. If you really want help, start a new thread showing what you have done.
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