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Homework Help: Components of a Vector (need help fast!)

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    I just don't get this problem one bit...i've tried drawing a picture too and it doesnt help :grumpy: ...here it is if someone can help!!

    The eye of a hurricane passes over Grand Bahama Island. It is moving in a direction 60 degrees north of west with a speed of 41 km/h. Three hours later, the course of the hurricane suddenly shifts due north, and its speed slows to 25.0 km/h. How far from Grand Bahama is the hurricane 4.50 h after it passes over the island?

    help please! and fast!
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    You have time, velocity and direction, so you need to determine the two vectors, which added together will identify the location.

    The Grand Bahama is the origin. You are given that in three hours, during which the eye moves at 45 km/h in the direction 60° from due west (-x). So determine that vector.

    Between 3 hrs and 4.5 hrs (or 1.5 hrs) the eye moves north at 25 km/h. The tail of that vector starts head of the first vector. Due north is +y direction.

    Add the two vectors to find the location. The magnitude of the resulting vector is the distance.
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