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Homework Help: Components of a vector

  1. Feb 9, 2006 #1
    A boat sails in a straight line 20km [N30°E]. What are the components of its displacement to the north and east?

    the answers given are 17 km [N] and 10 km [E], but using the formulae
    Ay = A Sin σ and Ax = A Cos σ, i've got the values mixed up... could it be because i've drawn it wrong? i've got it drawn as 30° North of East... Does N30°E mean 30° east of north?
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  3. Feb 9, 2006 #2
    hey Bobby,

    yes, it does mean 30 degrees east of north. therefore your sigma value is 60 deg instead of 30.
    that should fix ya :smile:

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