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Homework Help: Components of Acceleration

  1. Feb 6, 2012 #1
    My question is in regard to non uniform motion with changing velocities, such as a skier moving along a curved ski-jump.

    I'm kind of confused about the various acceleration vocabulary. I know of centripital, linear, and total acceleration of an object that is changing speed and direction. Are there any other accelerations that exist? I keep hearing about normal acceleration, but is that just a synonym for centripital acceleration? And Tangential is just another name for the linear acceleration, right?

    So it's just those three accelerations: centripital, linear, and total?

    And centripital is the acceleration related to change in direction. Linear is related to change in magnitude (or actual speed). And centripital and linear are just the components that make up total acceleration?

    Is this all correct so far?
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    That reads like a reasonable summary.
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