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Composite Design

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    I am not sure if this is exactly the right place but it works either way.
    I am interested in learning more about Composite Design Techniques
    mainly fiber based materials (carbon, kevlar, fiberglass, ect...)
    does anyone here know of any good resources/books that focus predominantly upon this area?
    thank you
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    Some books have found usable .......

    Chung - Carbon Fibre Composites
    Staab - Laminar Composites
    Military Handbooks have a lot of info concerning composites
    Handbook of Composites - Peters
    Processing of Composites - Dave & Raju

    ....... and then there are lots of general works about high temperature composites, ceramic & carbon-carbon etc. ones, smart materials and so on if you're into that sort of stuff (?).
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    thanks for the listings
    some of them seem like great resources
    once again thanks for the advice/information
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