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Composite ply layup notation

  1. Jan 19, 2015 #1
    I've come across this notation to describe a composite ply layup:

    [2/4/4/2] – [45/0/-45/45/90/-45]s

    I know that the second part is notation for: [45/0/-45/45/90/-45/-45/90/45/-45/0/45]
    But what is the [2/4/4/2] in referrence to?

    I have noticed that 2+4+4+2 = 12, and there are 12 ply orientations but I don't know if that is coincidence.

    Thanks for any help people can share on this.
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    Hi Dave-Eng, I think I've just answered your own question:
    The [2/4/4/2] refers to the number of plies of each orientation [0/+45/-45/90] respectively.
    You could also argue that this is completely redundant because this information is captured within [45/0/-45/45/90/-45]s
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