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Composite sine functions

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    Hey all!
    I have a question concerning the addition of 2 sine functions.
    Could anyone point me to the right direction as to what happens to the period and frequency when two sine functions are added together?
    Note: when adding, these two functions possess two different frequencies.
    Thanks in advance! :D
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    I know what period of a trigonometric function is, but I can't say the same of "frequency" though

    this seems to be a term from physics related to the inverse of the function's argument times [itex]2\pi[/itex] ...

    Anyway, we have the trigonometric identity [itex]\sin x+\sin y=2\sin \frac{x+y}{2}\cos\frac{x-y}{2}[/itex] .

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    Thanks DonAntonio :D
    But do you happen to know any other relationships apart from Simpsons' or Werner's?
    My dilemma is, given a graph, how would you figure out what it is made up of? i.e what sine functions were added to produce that graph?
    I just need a hint - do you happen to know any thing else which could help me?
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