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Composition of a Gas Giant

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    I'm currently completing a project about gas giants. Could anyone point me in the right direction to find out about the density change as one approaches the centre of a giant? I can kind of do it if I assume it's incompressible, but does anyone know the current theories for it in practice?

    Thank you.

    EDIT: Title should be "Composition of a Gas Giant".
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    Google gave me a TON of hits, starting with a wikipedia article that seems to answer your questions.

    EDIT: oh, and my search phrase was ... wait for it ... "composition of a gas giant". See how easy that is?
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    Hello, Laser! I apologize for the way Phinds McSnappyPants worded his post there, he's been experiencing a very painful flea and cat infestation lately. The vet says we may need to put him down/make him cuddle with the kittens and, as you can tell, he's not so happy about either option.

    I did a little searching myself, but was unable to find any references that were detailed enough to help you. Perhaps one of our members who is more knowledgeable in this can help you.

    One suggestion: Try searching the arxiv archive here: http://arxiv.org/
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