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Compound charging

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    Hi, I am currently seeking advice and looking into the idea of compound charging with two turbos. One blowing into another.
    Here is a basic article on the subject.
    I am currently running a single turbo setup with methanol injection on a 2.7 liter inline 6. I know the benefits of having a smaller turbo and a large turbo would be having the efficiency of both with out one running out of steam so to speak.
    Now is this a plausible way to have a better power curve at lower boost such as 20psi? I am at 15psi currently, my ignition system is limiting this, but with new turbos will come a wasted spark setup.
    Having some experience with this engine, it made quite a bit of peak power with a gt35 turbonetics on a different car(same motor but 2.5l). However it had a lot of lag and wasnt the greatest to drive around town. What I am chasing is the top end of a bigger turbo with the kick of a lower turbo.

    Any thoughts on this at all? Im reading Corky Bell's Maximum boost again, Ive been thinking aobut contacting him if its even possible to ask him questions.
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    Turbos have come such a long way that there is almost no need for it except for usage on small cubic inch engines that make insane horsepower.

    I'm talking about 1000+hp 2 liter Mitsubishi engines and such.
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