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Comprehensive High School Physics Scholarship books

  1. May 9, 2013 #1
    Greetings and namaste everybody and thanks alot in advance.

    I am going to be doing physics scholarship this year and i am really looking for an insightful high school physics scholarship book which has deeply worked examples and EXTENSIVE STEP BY STEP ANSWERS. What i really really dislike about today's '' bestselling " high school books on calculus and physics by " best selling authors is that there just IS NO comprehensive answers. Really, there just isn't any step by step answers. At times there may be a few steps mentioned in the answers, but certainly that isn't through either. I get stuck so many times and all the times due to there being just no answers. Yes, the comprehensive step by step answers may take up a lot of space and many pages, but thats how we learn. It doesn't matter if the book is 50 or even 100 pages more for that matter, but there just must be through guided answers and jsut stating the answer- expecting us essentially to literally discover " the maths or physics we are doing " like Newton or Einstein had to.
    I realy can't spend hours trying to figure out how they came to the answers. Its as if i am a physicist on a new frontier tryign to figure out soemthign which no one else knows up till then- such as when newton or einstien who had to discover thigns, or anyone else who tries to answer the big questions today that are out there such as regardign black energy e.t.c with no answers what so ever. Such is my pitiful case. To add to this i am also very analytical so it makes it just that much more worse.

    Going back to the point, i would love it if you people can suggest a really good high school physics scholarship book or any other physics book which would really help with attaining a scholarship, with explicit examples and answers.

    Thanks once again.
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