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Comprehensive polling for generalizations

  1. Feb 7, 2005 #1
    First I'll ask if anyone knows if this has been done:
    Has anyone ever conducted a poll on correlations between many different aspects of life of the US population?
    Such as : Do people that go to church more often commit less crimes?

    And such things.
    If not I think that with the next census, or at random choosing across america, they were to do public testing to find out correlations between different aspects of life, and possible then change for the better.

    My questions of topic on ethics are :
    1. Do you think in a random or census questionairre people in general would be honest? In reference to such questions concerning racism, sexism, and other traits often seen as immoral.
    2. Do you think the results of such a poll would create MORE discrimination than what its worth? I know a lot of people would cross reference the wrong statistics, such as race vs crime, where it should be something more along the lines of pop density vs crime.
    3. Wat sort of questions or topics do you think should be on a questionairre like this?
    Ill list what I think should be included, assuming polling 18+yr olds
    gender,race(not white/black, but english,polish,egyptian,the country of ancestorial origin),occupation,sexual identity, marrige status, location, income, education(type,completion,grades), parental occupation, siblings,religion(type, and depth of practice)

    Then personal questions to be answered truthfully
    racism(agains numerous), sexism, ageism, crimes committed (convicted and uncaught, list different styles), drinking,smoking,drugs

    Then maybe political questions concerning major topics(gun control, gay marrige, abortion, etc)

    Then maybe questions that might not seem relevant
    vehicle driven, hobbies, sports played, number of past relationships, number of close friends, hours spent reading/tv/computer per week, do they read the news, type of housing, languages spoken etc.

    If I were a parent raising a young child I would love to know if generally raising them religous/in certain areas/housing/siblings makes them prone to crime/racism/low grades etc.
    I know there would be many non-relative topics, but I think the poll would be interesting nonetheless.

    I would also like to have some sort of intelligence test. Maybe not a capacity test like IQ, but perhaps simple vocabulary tests or reading comprehension.

    The problem is once you get something this large, most people would not want to waste their time filling it out. Maybe you could pay people to take it.

    What do you guys/gals think of an idea like this?
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