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Compressed air energy storage equasion

  1. Jun 14, 2008 #1
    assuming constant inlet pressure of 1,000-psi and an exit pressure of 200-psi. For air flowing at 30-ft/sec inside a 36-inch diameter pipe, volume flow rate will be 212-cu.ft/sec. For a pressure differential of 800-psia, this will give 800-lb/sq-in x 144-sq.in/sq.ft x 212-cu.ft/sec = 24,430,000-lbf-ft/sec or 44,400-Hp.

    my question is how kilowatt hours would be produced every second
    or how many kwh's would be produced form that flow rate in one hour

    3rd question is 144-sq.in/sq.ft in that equasion even right


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