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Compressed Air n' Pressure Question

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    Does anyone know of an internet site that discusses the properties of compressed air in a tank, and how the air behaves when it is released from the tank. Also, is there an equation which describes the rate at which air leaves through a valve of a tank?

    Thanks much
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    Here is a calculation to determine the Cv for gas passing a control valve:

    CvValve = (LbsGasHr / (3 * SQR(PsigInAdj * PsigOutAbsol))

    PsigInAdj use 80% for 15 psig or less
    PsigInAdj use 43% for over 15 psig

    If you know the Cv of the valve but not the flow, you can rework this to solve for the lbs of gas per hr.

    Here is a site that can give you just about all you need to perform the calculations:

    http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/22.html [Broken]
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    Ahhh Much clearer now.

    This clears up a lot.


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