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Homework Help: Compressed spring physics

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    I was trying to work on this for a little but couldn't figure it out.

    A. A spring with a spring constant k=30 N/m is compressed and latched at 0.10 m. How much elastic potential energy is stored in the spring?

    ??? 0.15 J

    B. An object with a mass of 5.0 kg is placed next to the spring and the spring is unlatched. Neglecting the mass of the spring, what is the final kinetic energy of the object?

    I know that Ek=1/2 mv(squared)

    Could someone help me??
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    Okay,for the first part,u need to know the expression for the potential energy of the spring in terms of its compression (distance on which it is compressed)...

    Use that formula and the figure u're getting to solve point B.

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