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Compressing Air.

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    Im currently drawing up plans for an air propelled chair (which ill probly never make :P). I was intending to pureply use air from the atmosphere, use some sort of compressor, to compress it, then send it flying out the back in order to displace the chair. However. I dont know if there are such machines available. I guess you get compressed air in cylinders for a reason, but i dont know what that reason is!

    If I cannot use air, what would you suggest ?

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    What you intend to design is a jet engine. The reason it will be difficult to do with a compressor is simple: it'll be nigh impossible to build a compressor capable of the flow rate (volume per second) needed to achieve any substantial thrust.

    Most people design jet engines to use a fuel -- the fuel burns, releasing large amounts of gas. The gas then exits a nozzle, generating thrust via Newton's third law.

    - Warren
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    You mean helicopter? Or perhaps hoovercraft?

    For better thrust, you need something more massive. Water perhaps? But I think most efficient propellant would be your leg :wink:
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