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Compression of gasses

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    I was wondering out of all the known gasses, which is the easiest to compress?
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    Not all gasses compress the same do they?
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    Lets put it this way, is their a gas thats easier to compress than air?
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    Any compound that is a vapor at room temperature but has a boiling point near room temperature will be easier to compress than air. 1,2-butadiene, a gas at room temperature and pressure, has a boiling point of about 10C. At room temperature it is almost "compressing" to a liquid by itself. Butane is another example. Butane is so easy to compress that it can be contained as a liquid in a small plastic container (Bic). Some of the Freons (chlorofluorocarbons) are easier to compress as well.

    What I have described are compounds that do not behave like an ideal gas near room temperature. At higher temperatures, these compounds behave more like ideal gases although not exactly like them.
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    Thanks for the lesson, I'm becoming a better and more informed person.
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