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Homework Help: Compressional stress & shear stress

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    A force of 500 N is applied at an angle of 37 degrees to the surface of the end of a square bar. that surface is 4.0 cm on a side. what are the compressional & shear stress on the bar? material processing class and i don't know the eqation or where to start someone help please
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    You need to specify more information on this problem. What are the boundary (fixed point) conditions, i.e. is it a cantilever beam (one end fixed, one end free)? I assume that is the geometry for this problem.

    Also I presume the horizontal component of the force vector is pointing toward the fixed end, in order to put the entire beam in compression.

    So assuming it this is a cantilevered beam, what are the equations for a cantilever beam in deflection? Think of the horizontal and vertical components. You may ignore torsion.

    Are you familiar with superposition?
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