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Homework Help: Compressions vs nodes

  1. Jan 19, 2006 #1
    Just a quick question-- can compressions and rarefractions be compared to nodes and antinodes in calculations? For example, I have calculated the wavelength of a given longitudinal traveling wave and I am supposed to find the distance from one compression to an adjacent compression. I calculated this the same as you would from node to node where the distance between each is half a wave. However, when I tried this theory, (assuming that the distance between a compression and another compression is half a wave) it ended up being wrong. Please help soon-- I am reviewing for a Physics final tomorrow and came across this problem. I hope you can help clear it up. Thanks
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    Nodes and antinodes are formed in a standing wave, not in a travelling wave.

    The distance between two consecutive nodes (or antinodes) in a standing wave is half the wavelength.

    The distance between to consecutive compression (or creasts in case of transverce waves) in a travelling wave is equal to wavelength.
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