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Compressor and turbine design

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    i am doing a project which involves me designing a turbine and compressor based on the turbocharger principles. i was wondering if anyone knew of an easy way to carry this out. any help would be excellent!
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    Depends on exactly what you are doing for the project. Are you designing from scratch or using existing parts, whats the application?
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    the idea is for high temperature gas recirculation for a laboratory experiment. we're basically designing a turbocharger to do it but with a couple of modifications. it can be designed from scratch or with existing parts which ever would be easiest for us to carry out. we know the flow rate we need but from sure where to go from there.
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    Go for an existing one and match it to your pressure/flow requirements. Look for compressor/turbine maps information, and start from there. Designing/manufacturing a new one will result in a daunting task and a very dangerous one, as the rotational speeds on those things are high enough to make the smallest unbalance a potential catastrophe...
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    I absolutely agree with Gonzalez. These things rotate at 100,000 rpm or more so. You will need a high enthalpy gas suply. Does you lab have that?
    If you just need air supply you might just want to go with an air compressor. If you build a closed loop system the gas will heat up. If you need higher temperatures you can install electric heaters downsteram of the pump. Every calculation starts with the demand of flow calculation. If you want to use a turbocharger you will also need to know your supply.
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