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Compressor As a Steam Turbine

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    Hi All,
    I am a solar thermal enthusiast seeking to try out a few things. I need some info on using car aircondition compressor as a pico steam turbine if it is possible. Links, suggestions and opinions are welcome.

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    what u mean with a pico steam turbine?-make it a little more clear please
    and i wonder how a compressor could work as a steam turbine?
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    yes, a pico / micro /mini turbine. Seeking to use the compressor + induction motor combination as a turbine + induction generator.
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    A compressor is not a reversible machine. It is not peformed to act as a turbine.
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    obibask, i have been thinking about a similar setup check out this page for some ideas http://www.redrok.com/engine.htm. I have a large sattelite dish that I will cover with polished aluminum to focus sunlight and generate heat. I still need my "boiler" and turbine/comprssor, I will select an induction motor based on these.

    Clausius though i am not familar with a scroll compressor I have heard that they can be run as an expander with some modification.

    I will be limited to a maximum heat input of ~4000W with my sattelite dish based on 800W/m^2 solar flux and .8 emisivity for polished aluminum. It would be neat if I could generate a solid 2kW during sunny days.
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