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Compressor Blade loading

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    I want to know what is compressor blade loading. When it is said that a compressor blade will be overloaded near the hub, what does it means?
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    The tensile, radial stress in the blade due to the centrifugal force is greatest at the hub.
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    jim hardy

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    Some blades have a curved root to provide greater area there.

    Are you designing them?
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    What does it means from an aerodynamic point of view? Does it means that the tangential velocity is higher at that particular region. I just want to know what is the definition of the term blade loading. If any one can give me a link to some reference paper that would be great,
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    jim hardy

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    I guess you're speaking of gas turbine blades?

    Out of my field.
    In 1970's I used to drink beer with a guy who designed such blades. So your query struck my curiosity.
    He was entranced by a lamp i'd made from a big old steam turbine blade and especially its curved root.
    He explained to me that is where they have most trouble because the immense centrifugal force produces so much tension. They were working on developing anisotropic metal alloys for the application.
    Several of his colleagues stopped by to see my old yard long turbine blade lamp.

    So i tried a search on "anisotropic gas turbine blade loading" for you
    and google offered me scholarly links that look way over my head.
    I feel like an ant trying to help a lion, but here goes anyway...
    hopefully one of them helps you... even if just by suggesting search terms


    http://www.researchgate.net/publication/24373015_Cyclic_structural_analyses_of_anisotropic_turbine_blades_for_reusable_space_propulsion_systems [Broken]

    https://books.google.com/books?id=4...e&q=anisotropic turbine blade loading&f=false



    good luck,

    old jim
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    There is also a bending stress (always foreword) due to the pressure behind the blade being higher than the pressure in front of it, this force is greatest at the root of the blade.
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