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Compressor - Regulator - Plenum - Exit. Regulator problem

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    I have a workbench test set up which consists of a compressor, followed by a 6bar supply line, followed by a regulator (for bringing the pressure down to 2bar) followed by a plenum chamber that leads to a slot that vents to atmospheric. The slot is approximately the same area as the supply line pipe. There is a pressure tapping in the plenum chamber to measure stagnation conditions. I want a plenum stagnation pressure of 2bar. The flow rate at this pressure is 0.1294kg/s which converts to 3240 l/min given the density of the air at this point. The regulator I have has flow characteristic curves for an input pressure of 7bar but shows an output of 2bar is easily achievable at this flow rate. I understand the input pressure is 6bar in my case however, given the high max flow rate shown by the characteristic curve I believe I should still be able to achieve 2bar output with a 6bar input. The problem: The maximum plenum pressure I am able to achieve is about 1.3bar. If I try and increase the pressure past this nothing happens, it is as if the flow is choked. Given that the regulator should be able to produce 2bar output with a 6bar input at the design flow rate, why would my regulator be unable to produce 2bar plenum conditions? Any help is much appreciated. Any more details required please ask.


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