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Compressor Simulation

  1. Oct 20, 2009 #1
    Hallo friends,
    I am doing simulation of compressor process. I have used the following equation to calculate compressor outlet Temperature and mass flow rate.

    mass flow rate (m) : flow from compressor map(m3/h)*compressor pressure/(R*Inlet temp*z)

    T_outlet :T1+ (head*(kappa-1)/ (R*z*Kappa*efficiency))
    and I am getting the value of volumetric flow form compressor map.flow form compressor map is :f(head,inlet guide van position).

    As per the compressor map at start up guide vane is at zero position and this stage inlet pressure and discharge pressure is almost same .but when guide van opens (40%)the discharge temperature becomes high and pressure goes up to 18 bara. But compressor map shows that it delivers maximum up to 5 bara when guide van is fully open (100%).

    Inlet pressure is 1 bara .

    My process consists of the following process modules.
    1.Pipe-M (Because I have assumed 1 bara so need to find only mass flow)
    3.Compressor module
    4.Discharge Pipe(pipe-pm)
    5.Discharge control valve

    This is my basic modules .

    Please reply me .if you want to simulate the process I can give you also equations of the pipe and compressor map data.

    can any body tell me where is the problem to calculate discharge pressure and temperature?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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  3. May 29, 2011 #2
    Dear Jack,

    I am to simulate a compressor to simulate a process control quantitatively, so we need the Laplas equations and any suplimentary equations needed for simulation. Can you please provide me with some information?

    Thank you in advance
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