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Compter Engineer Vs Physicist

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    Hey All,
    I am here to ask a very different but important (for me and many more) thing...which field is better in terms of career opportunities, excellence and ofcourse money.
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    Computer Engineer, they are very sought after today.
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    where did you pull those 2 random professions out of? that's like saying who makes more an accountant or a plumber?
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    What does that even mean?
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    its nt about these things ...its just about two professions which are open to physicist...and we are just comparing them...
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    excellence in terms of social status...
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    In different parts of the world, people have different views on the "social status" of various professions. So you might want to tell us what part of the world you're in. :smile:
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    You can ignore this particular word as well...what about other two things??
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    For sure computer engineers are very sought but once a physicist has gotten a job, he is more payed than a computer engineer. Furthermore, physicists are most respected in society and are open for different careers!
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    Don't underestimate the amount of $$$ a plumber makes...
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    Apart from academics what other careers options are open for physicists??
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