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Compton effect

  1. May 1, 2007 #1
    what is the area of usage of compton effect,why do we use it and where do we use?what is the importance of it?please help me!
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    Have you tried google ?
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    yes ı've tried google and also other search sites but couldn't find any answer..:(
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    Strange i found on my first search on google..

    from wikipedia:

    Compton scattering

    Compton scattering is of prime importance to radiobiology, as it happens to be the most probable interaction of high energy X rays with atomic nuclei in living beings and is applied in radiation therapy.

    In material physics, Compton scattering can be used to probe the wave function of the electrons in matter in the momentum representation.

    Compton Scatter is an important effect in Gamma spectroscopy which gives rise to the Compton edge, as it is possible for the gamma rays to scatter out of the detectors used. Compton suppression is used to detect stray scatter gamma rays to counteract this effect.

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    ı had read it on wikipedia but ıt was not actually the answer ı was looking for.thanks for your help...
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    But you were looking for "area of usage" ? Why not specify your question from the very begining?
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    In radiation health physics, Compton Scattering is used in some Monte Carlo codes that are used to evaluate the effectiveness of radiation shielding. Essentially, the code calculates the scattering angles of radiation that interacts with the shield, and depending on the angle, this contributes to the particle flux on the other side of the shield, which contributes to teh exposure rate.
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    that's it!thanks for replyling and for your thread:radiation health,right..it was pretty important for me and it's worked.thank you again..
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