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Compton Effect

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    I have a question regarding the Electron scattering angel Teta in formula in:
    http://www.whfreeman.com/MODPHYSICS/PDF/3-2bw.pdf [Broken]
    which indicates Compton wavelength shift by:

    labda2 - lamda1 = (h/mc)(1 - cos(Teta)). (3.40)

    With Teta = 0 we get labda2 = lamda1 (no change of energy by the UV photon!)

    Which means, if Photon and Electron are on the same path, there is NO interaction!

    If Teta = pi (Photon and Electron moving in the opposite direction) we get the MAX change of photon energy

    Can someone please give me an physical interpretation of this?

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    Sorry, I found my mistake,
    I didn't know how to delete the question!


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    You are absolutely right. If there is no deflection of the photon (theta = 0), then there is no energy loss. Here is another site:
    If theta = 180 degrees, there is maximum energy transfer to the electron.
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