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News Compulsory voting

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    Question: Do you think the USA would be better served by a compulsory voting system, such as is employed in Australia?
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    I don't know... I would have to research the topic. Compulsory voting would benefit my party, but I don't know anything else than that.
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    Absolutely not.
    Requiring someone to show up at the poll is not the same as requiring them to educate themselves before hand.

    Drafting makes for a weak army because of the mindset of those that are there when they don't want to be, and compulsory voting does the same.

    On this whole topic, does Australia not have an opt out option at the poll? Where you can choose not to vote?
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    are you required to vote in some party's primary?
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    Our electoral system is not at all like the USA's. We all show up at voting stations on the day, and cast a vote either for a party or for individuals (sort of). You can choose to not show up, but then you get a small fine. That's about it really.
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    Ah yes, my mistake - I'm assuming, more or less, a government almost identical to that of England then?
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    Well, sort of, yes. After all, they did create ours. Sort of.
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