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Computation and Modeling

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    What are 10 big programs that are used today(in industry) for computation and modeling of physical sciences, specifically physics.
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    To my knowledge MATLAB and Maple are very proficient packages used in modelling.

    Also depending on the area you may want to use code libraries, or packages that encourage "plugin" development.

    Ansoft develop products used for analysis physical phenomena such as electromagnetism.

    I'm sure there are many more packages. Try browsing group sites (like in google) and search within open source code repositories for specific keywords.

    Also I know cern have their own software which is open source. I forget what it's called (something with root in it but not completely sure). You can search CERN's website at http://www.cern.ch. It has all their math and physics code which you can take a peek
    under the hood :)

    There's bound to be many more things just don't know them to be honest.
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