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Computation Question

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    Are there any computer programs, or computer systems out there that can compute trigonometric values for cosine for large numbers like

    cos((pi)*t) = cos((pi)*2.34579^2000) to an accuracy of three decimal spaces? Where pi is the number 3.1415.....n

    If so, what systems are available, how might I get one, or rather, how much do they cost?

    Also, If such a system exists, how long would it take to calculate something like cos((pi)*2.34579^2000) to an accuracy of three decimal places (to the thousandth's place)?


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    Derive 6 will do it. (0.5047333291)
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    Thanks Tide!

    I appreciate the reference!

    Best Regards,

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    I wonder how Derive goes about that...
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    It probably just uses a series form with its large number algorithms.
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