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Computational and Numerical

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    I am a physics undergrad, and I have been recently given a task to help my physics instructor with providing visual aids and numeric examples for his class. Meaning for a given number of problems in the textbook I will take the analytic solutions and make a numerical example(s) out of it using some programming language. Then on some problems I am to include some visual aids like drawings of the problem or simple animations. The classes my instructor will be teaching are upper level undergraduate courses (E &M, Quantum, Thermal, ... ). I know some basic programming languages like Java, Fortran, and some C. Any ideas where I should start?
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    In that case I would recommend the Mathematica, it has full coverage of simulation such kind of visual aid...Good luck..
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    Well, you should start on illustration, figurative and analytical visual aids. . .
    Good luck. . . And keep striving. . .
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