Computational/Mathematical Neuroscience

  1. Is anybody here familiar with computational/mathematical neuroscience? I graduated with a B.S. in physics and math two years ago and have decided to apply to grad school for 2011. I need some help though on deciding what path to take. I don't know if I should go the applied math route or a standard neuroscience route (with emphasis on the mathematical side).

    Here are some of my specific questions:

    1) How hard is it to get accepted to an good applied math program doing research in the field of mathematical neuroscience ( e.g. NYU, Brown, Princeton, Duke, Washington etc...)?

    2) How hard is it to get into the top neuroscience schools doing research in computational neuroscience (Yale, Princeton, MIT, UCSD, NYU, Columbia etc...)?

    3) Is funding better in the neuroscience or applied math departments?

    4) Which path would you advise for someone interested in computational/mathematical neuroscience?

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