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Computational methods and computational modelling in physics

  1. Aug 25, 2013 #1
    I'll be starting a degree course in applied maths and physics next month (though I might change to the theoretical physics pathway next year). I was reading about my course online, and apparently I'll have to choose between two sets of two modules (on top of the 4 compulsory modules). One set is pure maths (Numbers, Sets and Sequences; and Linear Algebra and Analysis), and the other is Computational Methods in Physics and Computational Modelling in Physics. I'm not really too sure what the latter two modules would involve. I'm sure all will be explained in the next few weeks, before the course starts, but I'm just curious.

    I'm 99% sure I'll do the pure maths modules. I've had a look at the papers online (I have access to the university's online system thingy since I'm already a student at that university - I was doing electrical and electronic engineering last year, but I decided to completely change course. When I was at school, I just decided that it would be smart to get into renewable energy and that kind of stuff, but I love maths and physics so I should have applied for this course in the first place.) and it looks interesting, since it's proper pure maths, which I hadn't encountered at school or in engineering. The computational methods/modelling modules don't have past papers online - I assume that's because they're more skills-based - so I can't get a taste of what they involve.

    Please fanku, fanku please.
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