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Computational Physics

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    Computational Physics:

    An introductory course

    • Integration of ODEs
    • The chaotic pendulum
    • Poisson's equation
    • The diffusion equation
    • The wave equation
    • Particle-in-cell codes
    • Monte-Carlo methods

    All very useful.

    Computational physics/engineering (simulation, or predictive analysis) is widely used because it allows one to analyze a system or component without the time and expense of designing, building, and testing the system or component. Nevertheless, some experimentation, usually separate effects experiments, are necessary to fill in the holes in one's knowledge. Ultimately, an integrated test will be performed to verify that system or component performs as predicted in the simulation.

    Simulations are based on accurate knowledge of thermophysical, thermomechanical, even electromagnetic behvaior of the constituent materials used to form the component or system one is simulating. Simuation is an important part of the design process.
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    An interesting perspective on Physics and a lot of useful information.

    The author discusses computational physics (mathematical modeling, numerical analysis) in terms of the 10 worlds (or realms).


    Mathematical and Computer Modeling in Science and Engineering
    Sergey Pankratov, Technische Universität München (TUM 2003)
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