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Computational Science Masters

  1. Nov 14, 2013 #1

    I have a question for anyone who has specialized in Computational Science.

    I'm a physics student at my final bachelor year and I've been thinking about what I want to study at my masters degree. One of the subjects that has caught my eye is Computational Science. I am not a career-oriented person and I would rather not study far away from my hometown for reasons that don't need to be mentioned. However, the educational offer in Computational Science that fulfills this requirement is scarce.

    One of the degrees that has caught my eye is in Galicia, and it specializes in High Performance Computing (which is a main aspect of Computational Sicience):

    I didn't rule out the possibility of studying elsewhere in Europe, where there is much more offer, e.g.:


    My question is: How does the High performance computing degree in Galicia compare with the others I've linked (pure Computational Science degrees)? Is it much different?

    It sounds to me like the degree in Galicia is much more oriented to computer scientists, and is less interdisciplinary, which leaves me a little wary.
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