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Computer Aided Drawing

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    Hey, I'm just wondering if any of you are into computer aided drawing. I had to take an engineering class, and we had to do some pretty extensive drawing on Autodesk Mechanical Desktop. The other sections got to use Solidworks. I've heard Autocad/desk is going out of style, and the our type of engineering has the capability to use Pro Engineer(ProE). Anyone have any experience using this program? Is it fairly easy? A good program?
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    Not used ProE, I have experience with AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor.

    What was your assignment?

    This is awsome, AI example:


    I dont have much solidworks experience, but i do believe its one of the most popular packages.
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    wow......those are some cool examples. Ours was just a drawing. I don't know how to actually put movement into it,etc. I'm not even sure if we had the program to do it. Makes me want to go back, and get to work on it.
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    Depending on the type of design, AutoCAD has long been the industry standard for 2D work (and typically architectural, structural and civil engineering) and ProE for 3D design (part assemblies, rapid prototyping, and general mechanical design).

    Solidworks works nicely too though, but in my experience and opinion lacks the power or versatility of ProE.
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