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Computer algebra system?

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    I'm looking for recommendations for a good cas software package.

    The main thing that I'm looking for is a step by step solver where everthing is shown, including substitutions for integral (no, I'm not looking for something to do my homework for me :smile: , it's not even graded or collected).

    My primary use for it now is as a learning aid, the solutions manual just skips way to many steps. It's to the point now where it doesn't even show the substitutions it's making and that's what I have the most trouble with.

    Cost isn't an issue if they offer a student edition, if not then $200 to $300 would be about my limit. Any advice would be very welcome, thanks

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    Try calculus assistant by mathpert or mupad which you can down for free on the net. You may have to go to a software store for calculus assistant, i.e microcenter
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    This might be slightly off topic, but Casio makes a calculator called the 'Algebra FX 2.0.' It's not quite as functional as a TI-89 or HP-49g+, but it does feature a wonderful program that shows simplifications (step-by-step) for tons of functions of some general form. I've seen some for around $50.
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    Prices range from 30 dollars for cheapest to 1495 dollars--- Woah!

    most around 100
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