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Computer and electrical engineering projects

  1. Jan 18, 2017 #1
    Do anyone want to buy some computer and electrical engineering projects ? I have some reports on how to code:

    1) Brain Entrainment: learn how to code beats and tones that can change the human brain wave.
    2) Noise: learn about and how to code white, pink and brown noise.
    3) FFT /singing: learn how to code a FFT and how to code a whole program that tells a user how close they are to singing a note.
    4) Resonant Frequency
    5) Mixer: learn what a mixer is and how to code one
    6) Karplus-strong algorithm: learn what it is and how to code it
    7) Gun Detection: learn how to use the soundwave made from a gun to tell what kind of gun it is. 8) Fundamental Frequency
    9) Digital Filter: learn how to code a digital filter: low pass, high pass, and band pass. 10) Hook cam /Antenna Design: learn how to design an Antenna system.

    the last one i more of an electrical engineering projects
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