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Computer Basic

  1. Mar 28, 2005 #1
    For a computer beginer, what should i recommend him to start learning from? Thx
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    You are ambiguous. Do you mean what degree, course, book, or anything else where 'to learn' from?
    I would suggest to a beginner to start learning computer systems architecture.
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    Basic checklist for computer beginner,
    1> what is an os?
    2> understanding what all does it do for us?
    3> what is a mouse and how to use it?
    4> what are softwares?
    5> how to install a software and run that software?

    -- AI
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    personaly i believe he means just how to use a computer, which thus most computers have a sort of tutorial inside of them to show the general user the application of the computer, and if not, go back to the place where you purchased your computer and ask them about it, also be sure to know what type of computer yours is, in case they have specific software guided towards your computer
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