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Computer Crash / Reinstall XP

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    I have an HP a6528p desktop that came installed with Vista. I dual boot Vista and Ubuntu 8.1 with no problems. I bought a magazine that came with a copy of opensuse 11.1 and I tried to use the disk as a LiveCD. But when I inserted the disk it asked if I wanted to install opensuse, I said no and it aborted the installation and rebooted my computer. Now when I try to run Vista or Ubuntu a screen comes up that says it is attempting to install opensuse and I need to insert disk 1. But I dont want to install opensuse. I'm getting sick of not being able to use my personal computer anymore. Can anyone help me reformat my hard drive and install XP. I have the XP installation disk, but I cannot find the drivers I need to install XP. Can anyone help?
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    Go to a computer-service place and ask them to do a repair-install of XP SP2. You can't do it on your own, but they can get you going, and once you have registered the repair-install with MS, the OS will search for relevant drivers.
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    I don't understand what you mean by you can't find the drivers you need. Have you already installed XP and are now just trying to get devices to work? If not how do you know you don't have the drivers?

    There is a good chance that your original Vista and Ubuntu are still there, maybe just your boot loader was messed up. I would try to save them, you can probably just reinstall the boot loader.

    Download a different live CD, Ubuntu works fine. Boot to it and you should be able to see what is on your partitions. If your files are still there it should just be a matter of reinstalling the boot loader. I'm going to assume your computer came with Vista, and that you then installed Ubuntu afterwards, and that you were using grub as a boot loader, is that correct? If it is a Google search for 'reinstall grub' should give you the help you need. This site looks like a similar situation:

    If you really want to install XP then my question would be what type of XP disc do you have? Is it a full install CD, an upgrade CD, or one of those discs that come with new computers that are pretty much worthless? If you have a full install CD installing XP is easy, just put it in and follow the directions. It should have enough drivers to get everything working on a basic level. You will probably have to install drivers for your video card and network card. If you need drivers for the network card your internet won't work until you do, so it's very helpful if you have a second computer you can use to download stuff.

    Please give some more info on the specifics of your situation, as well as your expertise (I'm assuming you did the Ubuntu install), and I'll be happy to give more help if you need it.
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    I haven't installed XP on my computer yet because there aren't compatible drivers for XP. I have Vista on my computer and I had XP on my old computer. I am wondering if there are drivers for my specific computer that will work with XP. And yes I did the installation of Ubuntu. My current problem is that opensuse tries to install everytime I turn on the computer and Vista and Ubuntu won't boot anymore.
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