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Computer Engineer in Toronto?

  1. Jun 11, 2013 #1
    While doing my co-op in the downtown core of Toronto this summer, it struck me all of a sudden that all the big buildings here were related to finance/economics. According to wikipedia, it is even called a financial district.

    How screwed am I if I want to stay in Toronto and want a career related to computer engineering? It seems like Intel and all the big names are in Silicon Valley. :( What engineering major should I switch to if this doesn't work out?
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    George Jones

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    This is a sample size of one, but my brother-in-law works for Bell.

    Also, not "all the big buildings" are downtown. For example, IBM on Steeles.
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    Apparently you should switch your major to finance.

    Choosing your major to suit what you think will get you a job in a particular location is not a very good strategy. It's hard to predict what the job market will be like in the next few years. Maybe lots of companies are starting up and hiring lots now but in 3-4 years they'll be gone, or they won't be hiring any more.

    That said, Toronto is the biggest city in Canada. I would imagine there are a fair number of jobs in the city, or perhaps some of the suburbs.

    A quick Google search turns up this site, which seems to suggest there are plenty of openings for computer engineers in Toronto.

    If you want to be making $Facebook money, though, you may not find that in Toronto.
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    To the OP:

    Toronto (which is the city where I live and work, btw) is the largest city in terms of population with a diverse economy. There is indeed a financial district, located in the heart of downtown, specifically within a one-block radius of east and west of Bay Street between King Street to the north and Front Street to the south (similar to Wall Street in NYC), where the largest financial institutions in the country are based.

    That does not mean, however, that the only companies based in that specific area are financial firms -- many of the buildings rent out their offices to numerous businesses. There are also many tech companies that have offices located throughout the city or just outside of the city boundaries, including large firms like Google and IBM but also numerous start-ups and mid-size companies as well.

    The bottom line is that there are numerous opportunities for computer engineers here in Toronto.
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    Wow. Thanks for that link!

    I feel more confident now.
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