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Computer Engineer Interview

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    I am a freshman in high school, and I need to conduct an interview for my English class of my future career. If any computer engineers out there could answer these questions, it would be much appreciated. I realize that these interviews are no longer allowed, so if I could get a PM that would be great.

    1. Why did you become a computer engineer?

    2. What responsibilities do you have? (What do you work on, how long do you work, etc.)

    3. How much education do you have and where did you go to get this education?

    4. If you could have any other job related to this field, what would it be?

    5. How hard was it to find a job?

    6. Where do you work?

    7. What is your salary?

    8. What benefits do you get at your job?

    9. How would you get a promotion?

    10. How much do you actually enjoy your job?

    If anyone could answer these, it would be a tremendous help. Thank you!
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    Sorry, for privacy and anti-phishing reasons, interview threads are not allowed at the PF. Thread is closed.
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